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Can CBD help for pain?

It is no secret that America is under an Opioid Epidemic. This epidemic started in the early 1990s when the pharmaceutical industry told medical providers that we needed to treat the 5th vital sign, Pain. Also they told us that their medications are not addicting and that the side effects were not as bad as what we had heard. But, can CBD help with your pain?

They pushed marketing to patients for them to ask their medical providers about prescribing opioids for their pain issues. What if there was a more natural approach to pain management instead of opioids.

There still needs to be a lot of research done with CBD, but the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) can be a potential target for pain and many other issues. The ECS is a vast and complex system that helps regulate many processes in our body. It helps maintain our homeostasis, which is a big word that means that it keeps us balanced against outside stressors.

Our CEO spoke at the Lucky Leaf Expo in Austin about how CBD could be a potential option instead of opioids. Cannabis has long been used for pain and other issues, but we still need clinical trials to establish dosing and efficacy with CBD and Cannabis.

A lot of patients are using CBD for their pain and getting varying results due to products and the personal response that CBD and cannabis produce. Not everyone will respond the same way to cannabis and CBD, which can be frustrating but it also gives patients an opportunity to take their healthcare back into their own hands.

Meeting with a knowledgable medical professional to assist in the proper use of CBD and Cannabis is tough, as most medical professionals do not understand CBD or Cannabis and are scared by it.

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