Caution With CBD Products

The Journal of the American Medicine Association (JAMA) published a study in 2017 with some concerning results. They purchased 84 CBD products from 31 different companies online retail stores.

What they found was very concerning. 43% of the products tested had more CBD than stated on the bottle, 26% had the amount of CBD over what was on the label and 31% were labeled correctly. 21% of the measured products contained THC, but what was most concerning was some of the concentrations of the THC were high enough to produce psychological side effects.

The FDA has taken a stern stance on this and has been sending warning letters to companies who are misrepresenting their products or making erroneous claims. Click here to read the article.

There are recent animal studies that have shown that CBD reduced the potency of some seizure medications, while it increased the potency of others. Seizure medication is one of the classes of prescription drugs that have been shown to have interactions with CBD. Once again, it is very important to discuss all current medications with your medical providers prior to using any supplements.

CBD utilizes the most common liver pathways that many other commonly prescribed medications go down, and this can either increase or decrease your medication’s efficacy. This can lead to unintended side effects, alterations in how your medication works, and possible drug-to-drug interactions.

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