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We stand behind our products and batch test all of our products at a third-party facility. All of our results are available via Confident Cannabis.

It is very important to check the source of your CBD products. As the CBD industry grows, subpar products are being exposed and pushed out of the market. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article in 2017 about the accuracy of CBD products sold online. Researchers purchased 84 products from 31 different companies and analyzed the contents. They found that 26% of the products tested had less CBD than what was advertised on the label, (20) which could explain why some patients do not experience much of a benefit when taking CBD-based products.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stepped in and sent warning letters to the 14 different businesses that had less than the stated amount of CBD in their products. (20) Researchers also found that 43% of their samples had more CBD than what the label had stated, and only 30% of all products tested were accurately labeled. (20) While it might seem like a better deal if the product contains more CBD than what is stated on the bottle, such an unknown could be dangerous when it comes to appropriate dosage. Even though CBD is relativity safe on its own, potential interactions with other medications can be exacerbated by an increase in the amount of CBD ingested.

Perhaps the most concerning finding shared in the JAMA article was that 21% of the tested samples had THC at amounts that could produce psychological effects when ingested. (20) Checking the source of any CBD products and asking for the third-party lab analysis is important and the only truly responsible way to use these products. As this industry progresses, we hope such content issues will become less prevalent, but at this time it is still a topic of concern. If you are unsure about a product’s purity, consult with a trained medical professional to ensure you use a high-quality, trustworthy product.

Our lab results:

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