What Is Hemp?

Cannabis refers to the genus or the all-inclusive taxonomy that describes the type of plant. Hemp and Marijuana vary widely at the genome level, which dictates their difference in the production of CBD and THC levels. Although hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa species and so is marijuana- they are divergent strains and produce unique phytocannabinoid profiles.

Hemp has a lower concentration of THC and a higher concentration of CBD.  This is why most CBD products are made from Hemp and not Marijuana.

A lot of people get confused between hemp flower extract and hemp seed oil. Hemp flower extract is where the highest concentrations of phytocannabinoids reside and where we get CBD. The Hemp flower is processed and the different products are extracted. Hemp oil that you see on Amazon or in health food stores, comes from processing the seeds.

This oil does have amazing health properties but does NOT contain CBD and other cannabinoids. Hemp oil is a great source of healthy fatty acids, which have extensive health benefits. They are the building blocks for many hormones in our body and one of the by-products of Omega-6 metabolism (arachidonic acid) is actually what our body creates AEA from.

Yet, too much Omega-6 isn’t good for the body – it is a delicate balance and ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid intake.

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