The difference between CBD and THC

As Hemp gains in popularity, a lot of people are not sure of the distinction between hemp and marijuana. You can check out the section How is Hemp Different than Marijuana? Most of the attention for years has been surrounding THC but there is an often overlooked part of the Hemp plant that offers a lot of the medicinal components. THC has taken most attention in past years but now things are changed. Not only does CBD offer a long list of effects on the human body. But it has also been shown to decrease some of the side effects associated with THC consumption.

CBD will bind to the CBR receptors in the brain and it will change the physical structure of the receptor and alter how THC binds. This ultimately will change the effects THC has on the person. It has been shown CBD can decrease nausea and paranoia associated with THC use.

There are different strains of Marijuana that offer different ratios of CBD. THC and this ratio are what give each strain its different effects. Some strains can give you energy. some can make you feel very calm- it has to do with the ratio of CBD:THC and what other minor cannabinoids are present.

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