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Information to Help Answer the Question: What are the Benefits of CBD? Part 1

A question that is often asked is “what are the benefits of CBD?”.  The benefits of supplementing with CBD are vast and are still being actively studied and discovered. CBD in the form of a medication called Epidiolex (GW Research Ltd) has gained FDA approval for the treatment of two specific types of childhood seizures: Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome. There are a lot of unsubstantiated claims made by CBD companies and people within the field about how CBD is a miracle drug and can cure a person of all possible ailments, but user beware. Although there are thousands of published studies regarding the effects of CBD, there are limited published clinical trials with human subjects. There are several pre-clinical and small clinical trials that have demonstrated some incredible benefits, but even these results call for further double-blind studies to verify their claims. 

There is strong evidence to suggest the different cannabinoids can decrease inflammation and neuropathic pain in animals. There have been recent studies showing clinical evidence to support THC and CBD use as an effective therapy for patients with types of pain discomfort. There has been a plethora of studies that have shown benefits. As the medical community conducts more research and additional clinical trials, it is becoming clearer that the positive effects of supplementing with CBD go beyond its impact on the ECS. CBD and the other hemp plant contents have been shown to bind various receptors outside the ECS, which exert vast benefits.

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