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Cannabinoid System Role For Basic Discomfort Control and Clinical Implications

As more studies are being conducted on cannabis and its effects on the human body, major breakthroughs are being discovered. A new study was just released on the basic and clinical implications of the role of the cannabinoid system in discomfort control. This study was published on June 6th, 2020 through Springer Science+Business Media, which is a global publishing company of books, e-books, and peer-reviewed journals in science, humanities, technical and medical publishing.

Charlie Piermarini, PA-C, MSPAS, MS, MPH, and owner of Phoenix, Arizona-based Restorative Care AZ was one of the authors of the study and is an advocate for natural discomfort treatments. Charlie is also the creator of Medically Assisted CBD, a trademarked education resource for those looking for alternative discomfort treatments.

“It was a great opportunity to be one of the authors of this study and it’s important to share information on our findings of the role of the cannabinoid system in discomfort control and the benefits of CBD“, said Charlie.

To read the full study and its findings please visit:

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