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What are the benefits of CBD?

What are the Benefits of CBD? – Let’s Answer the Question, How Does CBD Work?

In order to answer the question “what are the benefits of CBD?”, we have to look at answering the question “how does CBD work?”. One of the many mechanisms of how ingested CBD works in the brain is that it inhibits our natural enzymes that break down our endocannabinoids (AEA and 2-AG).

CBD will prolong the action of our natural cannabinoids at the receptors. Ingested CBD also has activity at a variety of receptors throughout the body. Some of them include but are not limited to Opioid, Serotonin, Capsaicin, TRPV (participates in pain mediation), and PPAR.

Opioid and capsaicin receptors mediate pain relief and are part of the pain transmission pathways and serotonin receptors help us feel good. There is some research showing that CBD has activity in the cardiovascular system. But there need to be further clinical studies before any claims can be made about its efficacy. Always check with your medical professional prior to starting CBD or any other supplement.

CBD also will bind to the CB1R and CB2R receptors located throughout our body. CB2R receptors are mostly found outside the nervous system and on immune cells. There is also a newly discovered receptor called CB3R. For the last 10 years, there has been speculation that there was another receptor but was yet to be “found”.

There are possibly 3 other cannabinoid-like receptors that have yet to be fully researched and understood. They have similar properties to the currently understood Cb1R and CB2R but differentiate through their genes and signaling system. More can be found about these orphaned cannabinoid-related receptors by reading: Cannabinoid receptor-related Orphan G Protein-Coupled Receptors.

These are only examples of the various receptors CBD has activity at, but it shows that CBD has the potential for a lot of uses and as research progress, we will find more and more medicinal uses for this amazing molecule. We hope this information helps those who are researching CBD answer the question “what are the benefits of CBD?”.

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