Top Doctor Interview

Charlie Piermarini Featured on the Cover of Top Doctor Magazine

I felt extremely honored to be featured on the cover of Top Doctor. I felt honored to be able to talk about natural healing and how Medical CBD can help to a larger audience.

CBD and Cannabis have been stuck in the shadows for many years, but we can’t ignore them as a viable, effective, and safe treatment anymore. People are searching out more natural alternatives to medicine. We now need medical professionals to be comfortable talking about CBD and Cannabis. We have to start educating at the medical school level so we can have intelligent conversations with our patients on the topic of CBD benefits.

“Piermarini remembers what he first thought of marijuana before learning about the medicinal benefits of marijuana’s cousin, hemp. “I thought people were just trying to get high,” he said. “They [medical schools] don’t teach us anything about the endocannabinoid system, so I researched it and started learning what I could.”

From Top Doctor Interview May 2021

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