Charlie Piermarini Interview on The Plant Problems Podcast

Charlie Piermarini Interview On Plant Problems - Shop Hemp Derived Products at Restorative CBD

Despite its amazing the benefits of CBD to its users, the CBD industry is relatively young and has had some challenges in terms of maintaining the product quality in accordance with medical and legal constraints. Charlie Piermarini, the CEO, and founder of Restorative CBD believes in doing things right and putting out the best quality products. To listen to the podcast please click below.

Charlie Piermarini and Tony Frischknecht discuss the overall progress of the Cannabis and CBD industry. Tony was a very early adopter of the Cannabis Industry. He went from growing in his basement to building a multimillion-dollar vertically integrated legitimate Cannabis Company. His view on Cannabis and CBD is very unique, as he has seen it grow from back alleys and basements to the main street. His book “From Black Market to the Man” details his journey and helps others gain insight on how to make their way in the Cannabis industry.