Restorative CBD Topical Relief Cream 600mg

Topical Relief Cream 600mg


Topical Gel

Targeted Delivery of CBD. Each bottle contains 600mg of CBD. Our formula contains CBD, Menthol, Green Tea extract, Lemon Oil and Witch Hazel.  Each pump of the gel distributes 2.5mg of CBD


Great for target CBD to a specific area. If you are looking to ease sore muscles, this is a great addition to any recovery routine. Our product features 600mg of CBD per bottle. We also add Menthol to increase absorption and help with superficial pain receptors.

Our gel also features Witch Hazel, Green Tea Extract, and Lemon oil to provide a more well-rounded anti-inflammatory effect. It provides a great scent and the menthol leaves a cooling feeling after application.

It is great for after or during a massage to help ease sore muscles. If you have a specific area that is causing you issues, you can apply the gel and target the healing. With each pump of the cream, there is 2.5mg of CBD delivered.


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