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Broad Spectrum CBD Capsules

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Broad Spectrum Gel Capsules 

Each gel capsule contains 25mg of broad spectrum CBD. This is a great way to deliver CBD directly to you gut and an easy convenient way to take CBD.



Our broad spectrum capsules contain 25mg of Broad Spectrum CBD per capsule and each bottle contains 60 capsules. This is a true broad-spectrum CBD capsule with other cannabinoids present. Capsules are just another mechanism of delivery to get the powerful benefits of CBD. The systemic absorption, meaning the amount of CBD in your blood, is a little bit lower with oral administration of CBD when compared to the sublingual oils. These are considered the easiest way to take CBD

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We also discuss that although the lab testing does show non-detectable THC levels that it is possible to have THC. We caution anyone that is worried about a drug test to avoid any ingestible CBD product as there is a small chance that you can build up THC in your body and become positive.

This is a convenient way to consume CBD. It also allows the highest amount of CBD to be delivered directly to your gut. Our CBD gel capsules are made from a THC free distillate and are tested and do have Non-Detectable (ND) THC levels, but we always caution if you are worried about THC consumption- to avoid any CBD products.



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