How to calculate the amount of CBD oil in a dropper?

How to calculate the amount of CBD oil in a dropper

Are you scratching your head on how to calculate the amount of CBD oil in a dropper? Everyone wishes to know how many CBD drops that they need to take. Dropping CBD oil is a highly effective way to dose CBD. 

Unsurprisingly, CBD oil products differ significantly in size, strength, and potency, making it challenging working out the dosage, even for math talents. So, Now what? How much CBD oil do you take? Can you take too much? 

What about if you know the exact amount of CBD oil in a dropper? Luckily, there is a simple way to calculate the amount of CBD oil in a dropper, which will help you calculate the amount of CBD you need to take for your specific health and wellness needs.

Start With High-Quality CBD:

Before calculating the numbers, it is essential to verify that the CBD you are purchasing is from a reputable source. First, you must ensure the company provides 3rd party lab results for all products. 

Also, make sure that you purchase truly quality CBD products and the CBD is extracted using sustainable practices from reputable farms. These things ensure that you buy a quality product, start to finish.

Now, we're going to talk about dropping CBD oil using this simple math formula. Once you purchase a CBD from a CBD brand, you trust! The hard part is done.



Here's What You Need to know:

  1. Bottle size (in mL)
  2. Amount of CBD listed on the bottle (200 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, etc.)

Let's use an example:

XYZ CBD makes a hemp oil that contains 300 mg CBD per bottle, and the bottle size is 1 ounce (30 mL). So, put this into the formula.

Let’s put this into the formula from above:

[300 MG] ÷ [30 ML] = [10 MG/ML CBD].

Our Answer: 10 mg CBD for every 1 mL of liquid.

You break further to determine how much you need to get a specific dose.

How Many Milligrams of CBD in a Drop?

There are 20 drops of liquid for every milliliter, dividing the CBD number in mg by 20 to calculate CBD per drop. If each dropper (which measures one milliliter) holds 40 mg of CBD, we divide 40 mg of CBD into 20 drops. 

This means each drop will deliver a 2 mg dose of CBD. This calculation is essential for those who like to microdose or need, for example, 5mg in each dosage.

Additional examples:

  • [2000 MG] ÷ [30 ML] = [66.66 MG/ML CBD]
  • [1500 MG] ÷ [30 ML] = [50 MG/ML CBD]
  • [1000 MG] ÷ [30 ML] = [33.33 MG/ML CBD]
  • [500 MG] ÷ [30 ML] = [16.67 MG/ML CBD]

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